Our Mission
"Give you control of your marks."

LessonUp offers proven solutions using methods that center on action and activity and provide potentially lifelong benefits. We allow students to find power within themselves to improve the quality of their own thought processes, learn what they need to learn quickly and efficiently, and thereby improve personal productivity.

Our effective learning processes and experiences rest on sound structure, offer much inspiration, and provide appropriate sets of decisions, challenges, and opportunities for accomplishment. The achievements feel real, and students learn the best ways to make these processes repeatable for themselves going forward. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses have consistently indicated that strategies based on metacognition and self-regulation lead to significant positive impact.

LessonUp tutors guide students to take gradually increasing responsibility for their learning and to develop clearer understanding of what is required of them in order to succeed. Evidence indicates that teaching these strategies within a supportive environment can be particularly effective for struggling and unmotivated students.

The foundation of our mission is not simply to tutor but to truly develop students’ skills in thinking that are refreshing, sustaining, and reusable throughout their lives – the ability to think!

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
-- Confucius
Our Team
Jordan Moschovitis

Jordan Moschovitis

Jordan has an extensive tutoring experience in mathematics and physics, helping students at all levels of proficiency take charge of their learning strategies and improve their grades. Over a period of more than six years, he has developed a dynamic and adaptive approach to teaching and guiding students toward more independent and more insightful learning.

Steven Maharaj

Steven Maharaj

Steven has a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Melbourne. I have tutored for 7 years. Both privately professionally as a university tutor. My tutoring style is very practical. If new theory is introduced, I always insure it has some relevance to a bigger problem. Study hacks and megacognition are a big passion of mine. I hope to pass these tips and tricks on you in order to massively boost your marks.

Interested in being apart of our team? Please send us an email at hello@lessonup.com.au.