Mathematics & Physics

Our team has an extensive tutoring experience in mathematics and physics, helping students at all levels of proficiencies take charge of their learning strategies and improve their grades.

With years of experience, we’ve developed a dynamic and adpative approach to teaching and guiding students towards more independent and insightful learning.

We can tutor from highschool to university level subjects & topics.

What makes us different?

LessonUP tutoring programs incorporate research-based elements.
Each student's progress is monitored and assessed regularly.
Individualisation of lessons by conducting ongoing assessment.
Sessions are structured with clear, specific, and measurable objectives.
Instructional supports are provided initially, then gradually removed as students gain.
Sources & citations for our methods:
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What do we offer?
  • Maths Tutoring: Yr10 / VCE / University

  • Physics Tutoring: VCE / University

  • Pre-VCE Science for Enquiring Minds
    (Physical science introduction to better prepare for VCE Chem and Physics)

  • 24/7 Question Availability

  • Available in person or online.


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Need more than just tutoring?

LessonUP also provides study support programs alongside tutoring to develop a skillset on how to studyeffeciently & effectively.